Asian cuisines are rich in variety. There are a vast range of spices used and several different styles of cooking from several countries. Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisines are some cuisines which are globally popular and have been served in Europe and other parts of the world.

We at Asian Fair try to blend different traditions of cooking and also add in a little of our own style on the food we serve to make it just perfect for your taste. Our Chef has been preparing tantalizing dishes in Tallinn for 15 years. He know how to provide the right combination of flavours to give the best tasting Asian food. We also strive not just to provide you great tasting food but also to provide you splendid experience.

We serve our food with love to our customers. Take away or dine in we will make sure that you have the best service and very pleasant experience that will make you come back. We here in Asian Fair just love to serve you.